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An IoT blog, focusing on simplitying IoT Management for multiple domains.

IoT Solutions

Understand how to take the complexity out of enabling IoT and introducing new services, with:

  • Open APIs – for increased interoperability

  • Automations – for unparalleled simplicity

  • Predictive Analytics – for actionable insights

Innovative features and advanced capabilities are powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to overcome the IoT challenges.

The IoT Management Steps


Simplify on-boarding, provisioning, testing and management of connectivity of things supporting multiple business models


Address security and privacy concerns of IoT with automatic updates, advanced data protection and detailed audit trails


Simplify integration, roll-out and monitoring of IoT devices with enormous scalability and minimum human intervention


Analyze datasets from multiple sources produced with varying frequencies both historical and in real time

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The main barriers around the Internet of Things remain security, implementation and technological fragmentation. Horizontal management for IoT addresses several of these concerns, allowing for greater control over Internet of Things devices and sensors. Organizations are able to manage data with end-to-end authentication and scale solutions across all vertices without having to create a custom solution for each application. Horizontal platforms are best realized through an ecosystem of IoT partners that are focused in each vertical and technology

“To simplify operational procedures and address technical challenges from a new angle, requires creative imagination.”