Augmenting Health Care with IoT

Keep patients safe and healthy with IoT

Reduce admissions, empower patients and increase healthcare access

IoT has numerous applications in healthcare, from remote monitoring to smart sensors, clinical trials and medical device integration. IoT can help keeping patients safe and healthy, but can also improve how physicians deliver care as well. There is an increasing consciousness and engagement of consumers with regards to their health, therefore demand for remote and home possibilities keeps growing.

Healthcare is a vast ecosystem that includes personal healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare insurance, healthcare building facilities, robotics, biosensors, smart beds, smart pills and many many others. On the other hand, healthcare is regulated, therefore IoT needs to take into account various laws, including GDPR where personal health data, as well as genetic and other medical and biological data, get special attention and are seen as very sensitive.

Healthcare IoT Use Cases

  • Remote patients monitoring
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Clinical Trials
  • Medical device integration

Healthcare IoT Business Objectives

  • Enable doctors to consult and review real-time patient data, reducing emergency admissions and the number of home visits and appointments needed
  • Remote monitor of conditions such as sleep apnoea, where compliance data may be a regulatory requirement — as well as other chronic ailments, such as diabetes, heart disease and respiratory problems that require ongoing intervention
  • Optimise workflows in hospitals and doctor offices